The Arts & Heritage Alliance is an association of professionals employed by arts and heritage organizations (or related agencies) in Thunder Bay. The Alliance was formed in 1993 by some local arts and heritage managers to provide an informal forum for the exchange of ideas related to the state of arts and heritage in Thunder Bay.

AHA strengthens the cultural community of Thunder Bay by

  • fostering collaboration among members
  • acting strategically to fill gaps, advise on policy, and identify and capitalize on opportunities
  • networking and providing mutual support
  • being a two-way communication vehicle with all levels of government

Over the years AHA has broadened its focus to serve the needs of the Thunder Bay arts and heritage community to a greater extent. The first event that brought AHA outside of its original focus was the initiating of the cultural component of the 1995 World Nordic Ski Championships. Over the years other community initiatives have included the fostering of :

  • ┬áThe Chronicle Journal Awards for Arts & Heritage
  • Arts & Heritage in Thunder Bay Tabloid
  • Arts & Heritage Conference
  • thunderbayculture.com website
  • Passport to Culture in Thunder Bay marketing campaign

For further information about AHA please contact any of the Managers of our member organizations.